Certificare origine

made in Italy – Sicilia, muntele ETNA

Declaration of Conformity

This document is to declare that the product , manufactured of CERAMIC COATED
LAVA STONE and which is to have contact with any foods, is
with the following EU regulation :
 1935/2004 CE;
 84/500/CEE and 2005/31/CE.
The product has been tested for compliance with food contact according to ISO 6486-1:1999 for specific migration of lead and cadmium. Results have proven within the given limits as indicated in the testing reports no. 757/17, 758/17 and 759/17 dated 31/07/2017 and released by CENTRO CERAMICO BOLOGNA.
Should any major changes occur in terms of composition and manufacturing process, or should there be any updates to the applicable regulations in relation to this product, new testing will be carried out and this declaration will be renewed accordingly.


La nostra pietra nasce dal raffreddamen to e cristallizzazione del magma liquido eruttato dal vulcano ETNA, in Sicilia e può essere utilizzata per la cottura di cibi come carne, pesce, verdure, pizza. La piastra in pietra lavica è pura al 100% (non contiene piombo) pertanto, non rilascia sostanze tossiche durante la cottura dei cibi. Non sprigiona fumi e non necessita l’utilizzo di condimenti. Per queste sue caratteristiche, possiamo definirla come il miglior sistema dicottura dietetico che, non altera ma anzi, esalta il naturale sapore dei cibi.


 Our stone originates from the cooling and crystallization of liquid magma, erupted from volcano ETNA, in Sicilyand, can be used for cooking food such as meat, fish, vegetables, pizza. The cooking lava stone plate is 100% pure (as a matter of fact it does not containany trace of lead) and there for it does not release toxic substances during cooking. It does not release smoke and does not require the use of dressings or sauces. For such characteristics, we can defineit as the best diet cooking system that is able to bring out and enhance the natural flavour of food instead of spoiling it.


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